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Jewish community centers all over the nation have been receiving bomb threats from some very sick people. President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, as well as Vice President Mike Pence have addressed these threats and taken a hard stance against them. This is great. Our leaders should speak out against this nasty violence.

What really touched me, however, was VP Pence’s response to a recent attack on a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis.

Pence visited a desecrated Jewish cemetery and went to work. What do I mean by going to work? He picked up a shovel and rake and helped clean things up after it had been defaced and destroyed.

From Faithwire:

Along with other volunteers and community members, Pence helped repair the wreckage of dozens of graves toppled and desecrated by vandals and criminals.  This follows a recent wave of anti-Jewish incidents across the country.


Watch our Vice President dedicate his time to respecting the deceased and cleaning up and repairing the cemetery:

What an incredible act of charity and grace. Pres. Trump picked a winner in VP Pence! Let’s pray together for the Jewish community as they are being targeted and attacked for no reason at all.

And if we’re truthful, this is part of the leftovers of the Obama agenda. This is happening because hate was allowed to marinate and manifest itself for the last eight years. Pres. Trump has been in office for one month now, so hopefully, major changes to our national behavior are on the way.

What do you think of VP Pence helping out to clean the Jewish cemetery? Share your opinions below in the comment section. And share with your friends and family!

H/T: – Hannity, Faithwire

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