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Donald Trump’s choice to nominate Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court has been widely praised by most everyone who isn’t a hard core partisan left-winger. He has an impressive resume and writes solid judicial decisions. Because he is known for his writing, it’s not a surprise that he founded and edited an alternative student newspaper at Columbia University.

But, what’s really funny about that is in 1987, that very newspaper jokingly predicted that Trump would become president!

Crazy, right?

The Fed was founded by Gorsuch, Fox News’ Andrew Levy and P.T. Waters. They polled students about the following year’s presidential race. New York Governor Mario Cuomo led the poll with 25.8 percent.

Check out the snippet below:

How ironic is that? It was hard for many people to envision a President Trump even three years ago, but the paper Gorsuch edited commented about it thirty years ago! You can see that he was the editor in the picture below.

I love it! Of course rabid liberals like Bernie Sanders are likely to use this against Gorsuch, but I think it’s great!

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H/T: Washington Examiner

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