Sometimes I just sit in awe at the power of nature. Waterfalls, storms, lions, flocks of birds moving in perfect sync, all powerful examples of what nature can do.

For my money, nothing beats the skill and hunting of a falcon.

I grew up around several falconers, and watching their birds at work is always impressive.

This man and his falcon Dora, are no different.

The majesty and power of a peregrine falcon like you’ve never seen before!

This is more than a falcon doing tricks at a Renaissance Fair.

Dora is a trained and powerful killer. She does more than just fly around and look cool.

Watch what is captured both on camera and by this powerful bird of prey!

That is intense! The power and speed that Dora moves with is astonishing.

Nature is so powerful. That we as humans can even control a piece of it is just astonishing.

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