Whitley and Walker

Occasionally singers can put a good spin on a great song. A cover song can provide a different perspective. That’s what two soldiers did when they sang Randy Travis’ “Three Wooden Crosses.”

This is the first and only song The Whitley and Walker Show posted on YouTube, but these soldiers really should record another. They did a terrific job on this Randy Travis classic.

The song is about four people in a car accident. A farmer, a teacher and a preacher died while a prostitute survived. Each of them leaves something behind, including the preacher who leaves his blood soaked Bible in the prostitute’s hand.

If you know the song, then you are aware that the prostitute has a son who becomes a preacher. He grew up with his momma reading to him from that blood soaked bible.

Watch the video below to watch these soldiers sing their hearts out!

It’s hard to beat a combination of country music and two of our soldiers! I hope they record another song soon! How do you think they did?

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