As a parent, you have to wonder what the heck is going with young adults today. Are they so caught up in drugs they are willing to make anything into something they can use?

Now, parents have something else to worry about and it’s in the shape of a lollipop. How could a piece of candy or a lollipop encourage kids to smoke pot?

I have two daughters and to see these things like this that could easily be mistaken for candy is frightening.

Police in Western Pennsylvania are reporting that high school students are handing out lollipops laced with a dangerous drug. Over 60 of these dangerous suckers were released to students.

I never thought I’d ever see drug-laced lollipops. I’ve heard about brownies baked with marijuana, but these lollipops look so innocent. You’d never think they had a dangerous drug within them.

Whoever is caught selling them or handing them out should be jailed for a very long time. I am behind that punishment, how about you?

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