We thought we would recall the most patriotic moments in WWE’s history. This is about WWE showing their patriotism in and out of the ring. WWE has a big heart for philanthropy and is always willing to go the extra mile for their fans. WWE is also doing the same for their home country…the United States of America.

Here are our four favorite moments.

Lex Lugar Body Slams Yokozuna on an Aircraft Carrier

Lex Luger became an American icon when he became the man to FINALLY bodyslam the 600 pound WWF Champion Yokozuna.

The feat itself wasn’t enough. He didn’t just bodyslam a giant man. He did it on the deck of an AIRCRAFT CARRIER.

Hulk Hogan’s Entire Existence

This one almost speaks for itself. But let’s count it down.

  • He defeated evil Iranian Iron Sheik to start Hulkamania
  • His theme song was called “Real American.”
  • There are rumors that he was masked wrestler Mr. Ameica. But we don’t have proof..or do we?

John Cena beating Rusev

A few years before Russia was public enemy number one again, Bulgarian Russian brute Rusev was tearing through WWE while wielding the US Title. That all changed at Wrestlemania 31 and when noted great American John Cena faced off against him.

Rusev’s entrance is one of the most impressive in Wrestlemania history, complete with that song from The Hunt for Red October Russian National Anthem, cannons, AND A TANK!

Image result for Rusev on a tank

Cena countered with the most AMERICAN intro video package of all time:

WWE wrestles for the troops in Iraq

Every year WWE does a Tribute to the Troops either at or near a major military installation. The biggest Tribute to the Troops happened in Iraq at the height of the Iraq War. From 2003-2009, WWE hosted major wrestling shows in either Iraq or Afghanistan. This is the USO on steroids.

Have a patriotic WWE moment we forgot to share? Let us know!

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