Rep. Jim Jordan is sure that the Congress will deliver an Obamacare repeal-and-replace plan but a lot of Americans want to see something now – not a year from now.

We all knew it wasn’t going to be easy repealing Obama’s health care takeover, but many of us were led to believe Republicans had more than a few plans to replace ObamaCare after the law was repealed.

Rep. Jordan went on Breitbart radio to discuss the intricacies of replacing Obamacare the right way. If there is one person I trust more than the other congressmen in the D.C. swamp, it’s got to be Rep. Jordan of Ohio. He is a strong leader with superior interrogation skills. If you’ve ever seen him on one of those committees trying to get to the truth on a subject, you know what I mean.

“Even the speaker has said he wants to [repeal Obamacare] here in the next six to eight weeks,” Jordan tells the host. “That’s certainly what Mark Meadows and I have said and the Freedom Caucus and others have said. We should at least be able to put something on President Trump’s desk that we put on President Obama’s desk, for goodness sake.”

Listen to the audio here:

I wholeheartedly agree with Rep. Jordan!

If there’s one thing we have to remember: When Democrats created this monstrosity of a bill, it was a liberal Frankenstein, teeming with leftist payoffs and schemes. Republicans should have been a lot more prepared for this moment where they have the power to repeal-and-replace ObamaCare. There’s no excuse for not being ready.

However, with Rep. Jordan and the Freedom Caucus on the case, I still have hope a great repeal-and-replace plan will take shape and America will be the better for it.

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