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I’ve been sort of hard on Matthew McConaughey after he did the “I Will Survive” video with Hollywood stars when President Donald Trump took the oath.

But the more I think about his role in the video, the more I realize that perhaps some of those actors didn’t know exactly what they were protesting. So I won’t hold it against him after what he just told liberal snowflakes.

McConaughey sat down to talk about his new film “Gold,” and like most interviews these days, the interviewer brought up President Donald Trump. The blueprint for these liberal troublemakers is to get Hollywood actors to speak ill of our president and get them on record.

The only problem with this interview is they didn’t know McConaughey had changed his opinion on the president and his supporters.

Take a look:

BOOM! You can drop the mic after that! And make sure you turn out the lights on your way out and lock the door. McConaughey is one awesome dude and I could listen to him talk for hours.

What do you think of Matthew’s common sense approach to President Trump? Do you think he will lose movie contracts? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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