The Oscars are on Sunday night. Hollywood types are likely salivating over another awards show where they can bash President Trump like Meryl Streep did during the Golden Globes. However, the Trumps have better plans than watch a bunch of overpaid left wing nuts celebrating themselves and bashing conservatives.

On the same night as the Academy Awards, Melania Trump will be hosting her first ball at the White House. The Governor’s Ball is part of the National Governor’s Association’s winter meeting. So the Trump’s will be too busy to be focused on insults from Hollywood windbags.

A journalist asked White House Press Secretary if the Trumps planned to be watching the Oscars and how he would respond to another Meryl Streep moment. She may not have been expecting the lack of concern. “Mrs. Trump looks forward to putting on a phenomenal event,” Spicer said “And the first lady’s put a lot of time into this event that’s going to occur, welcoming our nation’s governors to the capital and I have a feeling that that’s where the president and the first lady are going to be focused on, on Sunday night,”

Basically, the Trumps have better things to do than watch the Oscars, as the video below details.

Good! There’s no need to watch the Oscars. I certainly won’t be watching them. I’d rather be scrubbing toilets.

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H/T: Conservative Post

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