Some people are not very bright. Some people are dumb. And then you have people who are COMPLETE idiots like the guy who decided to text a Deputy Sheriff about a METH DELIVERY.

This is a reason why people suspect drug dealers often use their own products! Dwayne Herbert of Louisiana sent a text to a Deputy Sheriff about a delivery of meth and guns.

The quick thinking Deputy, nonchalantly texted back, “Ok” and then alerted the Narcotics Division. Sure enough, when Dwayne showed up, he had the meth and the guns.

He was promptly arrested.

What’s even crazier is that Dwayne was arrested just TWO MONTHS AGO for allegedly running a meth lab on his boat!

And if you didn’t think meth was dangerous, last Thursday a woman stole a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy’s truck. The kicker is she did all while naked!


Share this with others and make sure they know: Don’t be stupid. Don’t deal drugs. Don’t do drugs. Especially don’t do all three or you could wind up like Dwayne, texting cops about a drug deal.

H/T: Fox News