Tomi Lahren

On Sunday night at the Golden Globes, actress Meryl Streep decided to split America down the middle with her pointed condemnation of President-elect Donald Trump. Now I’m not sure who asked her to do it or whether she decided to do it on our own, but it was a big mistake as many conservatives turned out on social media to go after her publicly.

Streep brought up subjects like Hollywood being demonized, foreigners not being accepted, and the press being vilified. I mean she tried to fool the American people with her speech and it was pathetic. Tomi Lahren let Streep’s speech simmer for a day, but when she put Meryl in her sights on her Final Thoughts segment she didn’t hold anything back and went straight for the jugular.


One of the things that I did not like about Streep’s speech was that she called illegal immigrants, foreigners. These are people that across the borders on purpose to hide out and gain benefits in American cities. They claim once they live in this country for a while they are law-abiding citizens, but they got in under false pretenses. Streep called them foreigners. That got me angry.


Tomi did a great job dealing with the issue and I am sure she’s been getting a lot of positive and negative responses. Streep deserved this and so much more. Thanks, Tomi.

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