Open Season: Oney Lorcan, Big Star?

Yes, I am serious.

If you’ve been watching NXT lately, it’s been hard not to notice Oney Lorcan. He’s made a big impression on me, with a bunch of excellent matches. He was stellar in the matches to determine the next number one contender, and of late, he’s had some really good matches overseas with some of the top guys. So, is Oney Lorcan poised for bigger and better things?

I have to believe he is. And here’s why.

To me, Lorcan is in that same class of wrestler as Ciampa and Gargano. They might not look exactly like a star-maybe not tall enough,or not big enough, or perhaps just not the right aesthetic. Whatever the case might be, you could say that these guys are not that prototypical star in the making. But they don’t care about stereotypes, they don’t care about prototypes, they just care about wrestling¬† and entertaining and working their tails off. And, the crowds reward them. Look at how Team DIY has been received. Fans love them, and the folks in charge of NXT have taken notice-to the point that Ciampa and Gargano became the NXT Tag Champions.

So, how does that pull in Lorcan?

Because, listen to the crowd. Listen to how they respond to the Bostonian. They love him. They cheer him. They are behind him, and his support is growing every week. He works hard, he fights hard, and he’s just a no frills kind of guy. Fans seem to appreciate that a lot more lately than ever before. Guys like Lorcan (and those others I’ve mentioned) are all about the no gimmick mentality. Oh, sure, Gargano and Ciampa sort of have a gimmick now, but it’s nothing like a No Way Jose or Glorious Bobby Roode. They are pure, plain and simple wrestling. Lorcan is all about that too.

So, while I am sure NXT will continue to bring in new blood to push the current roster, and I still think a guy like Tye Dillinger is going to be huge sooner than later, keep your eye on Oney Lorcan. I think he’s due for a huge 2017.

WNZ readers, what do you think about Lorcan?

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