This man got a Christmas present from his girlfriend that all but confirmed she’d been sleeping around.

Needless to say he wasn’t too happy about it.

Man Finds Out in The Worst Possible Way That His Girlfriend is Cheating!

One Christmas a couple years back my half-brother and his girlfriend had spent the night. Christmas morning comes and his girlfriend is incredibly excited. My parents and I open our presents first, then she opens hers.

My brother had gotten her some bits and bobs but the one thing I do remember is that he got her this gorgeous silver necklace. My brother opens his presents last and as we’re about to disperse his girlfriend tells us to wait and hands my brother a small wrapped box. He unwraps it and it’s this small leather thing, what you’d usually put jewelry in. My brother opens it and he’s just stunned.

Inside there was a pregnancy test. A positive pregnancy test. His girlfriend was giddy. Now, the problem lies with the fact that my brother is infertile. His testicles are plastic. When he was 19 he had testicular cancer and had to have his testicles removed. My brother also doesn’t like talking about that period in his life (for obvious, and other, reasons) so after over a year of dating he’d still neglected to tell his girlfriend about his artificial nuts.

He lays the box on the ground and turns to his girlfriend and goes “Babe, what the hell is this?” and his girlfriends face immediately drops, she rushes to his side and goes “We’re gonna have a baby.” At this point my brothers face is red and he pulls away from her, and then gets up and leaves.

She turns to us and goes “What’s his problem?” My dad then, quite aggressively goes “He can’t have children because his testicles are artificial.” The girlfriend goes as white as a sheet. “They’re what?” Plastic. He had cancer and they were removed. He can’t have kids.”

I’d say you could cut the awkward tension with a knife but it was so thick you’d need something a lot sharper. My Mom can’t look the girl in the eye and my Dad looks like he’s about to snap. She rushes off into the kitchen after my brother, and within seconds there’s just shouting.

She vehemently denied cheating on my brother, and tried to pass it off as some sort of miracle, though he wasn’t having any of it. He took the necklace off of her, and she went upstairs to grab her things and left without saying good bye. I haven’t seen her since.

What do you think? Do you think the girl was really telling the truth and that it was a miracle? Or was she sleeping around behind his back?

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