When I saw this huge beast, it reminded me of those cartoons I used to watch growing up that had prehistoric beasts who were created by drops of bad chemicals. I am not sure if that happened in this situation but let me give you a quote from my childhood to describe this thing. This is a “big ‘un.”

Just imagine you’re walking down this stretch of road and this huge alligator walks in front of you.If your first inclination is to run, then you probably have a death wish. But you have to wonder what made this thing grow to this size. It has to be an aberration because you don’t see this every day.

The folks who filmed this enormous Godzilla gator found him down in Lakeland, Florida on January 15th. They spotted him around Marsh Rabbit Run at Circle B. I wouldn’t recommend a face to face encounter!

I guess that’s why I live where I live and I am not close to this mess. I would never leave the house if I knew this was out there lurking and creeping.

Here’s another look where he’s chomping down on one of his own kin!

Yea. There is no way I’m moving to Florida after seeing this bad boy! No, thank you!

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h/t – BroBible

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