FedEx Driver Matt Uhrin has become a national hero.

If you remember, last week Uhrin was driving his route and came upon liberal snowflakes trying to burn the American flag as part of their protest against Donald Trump. Now, these snowflakes did not realize that an American patriot was watching them, but they soon learned they had made a huge mistake.

When he saw Old Glory being burned by a bunched of spoiled cretins, Uhrin jumped out of his FedEx truck and grabbed a fire extinguisher and walked over to the mob crowd. He forcefully took back the flag from the would-be burners.

But one question remained: How would FexEx react to their driver acting so patriotically? Would they bow down to the forces of the Left, who demand companies adopt their liberal worldview?

Nope! Check out FedEx’s tweet:

Judging by responses on Twitter, plenty of patriots were pleased with FedEx’s decision.

I am glad young men like Uhrin are around to protect the American flag from those who wish to do it harm. And I’m doubly glad that FedEx is a company that stands behind their employees when they do what is right.

America needs more patriots like Matt who are willing to take the extra step and fight against liberal snowflakes when they want to act up and show how evil they can be.

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H/T: – Washington Free Beacon