Tragedies hit people in the worst way, but they can also expose the best in people. Three young men went duck hunting and never returned. The tragedy inspired country stars Maddie and Tae to take action!

From CBS:

The three men — 19-year-old Spencer Hall, 25-year-old Starett Burk, and 18-year-old Christian Ruckman — set off in the wee hours of Friday morning to go duck hunting in their 17-foot green, flat-bottom boat near Texas’ Carancahua Bay. They were supposed to return that same morning, but when they hadn’t returned by the evening, a girlfriend of one of the men contacted authorities and a search was launched.

Their bodies were found Saturday afternoon, along with their boat.

Such awful news! But Madison ‘Maddie’ Marlow wanted to do something because she goes duck hunting in that same area with her Dad and knows it could have been her and her Dad who died just as easily.

She is auctioning off signed guitars and concert tickets in order to raise money for the families of the victims. There is also a GoFundMe page set up as well.

This is an example of a star doing something for others! Perhaps Meryl Streep who did nothing but stand around whining about Donald Trump at the Golden Globe Awards could take a lesson from Maddie and Tae!

Please share this with others. Let them know of the generosity of people in times of tragedy and perhaps they’ll decide to pitch in as well and help the families in this tough time!

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