Chicago Hate Crime

A Chicago crime live streamed on Facebook is drawing a lot of outrage not only towards the thugs in custody, but towards the police who refuse to consider it a hate crime. A short and appalling clip is below.

#BREAKING: Chicago Police say four people are in custody after a young man was tied up and tortured on Facebook Live. The suspects can be heard yelling, "F*** Donald Trump! F*** white people!"

Posted by Fox 32 Chicago on Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Brittany Herring used Facebook Live to showcase the torture, capture, and humiliation of a white special needs man. Four African-Americans can be heard repeatedly saying, “F*** Donald Trump! F*** white people!” They also made him drink water out of the toilet and scalped him, causing him to bleed. It also appears they force fed him drugs.

The thugs said they wanted the video to go viral, proving that they didn’t care if they were caught. They were more concerned with earning street cred for harming a disabled white man.

The four arrested are not minors. They are adults. But Chicago Police Department Commander Kevin Duffin is still using the kids will be kids excuse. He said, “Kids make stupid decisions — I shouldn’t call them kids, they’re legally adults. But they’re young adults and they make stupid decisions. That will certainly be part of whether or not we determine this a hate crime or whether or not this is stupid ranting and raving.”

Duffin also said that even though the thugs were screaming about Donald Trump, his department will not be considering it a politically motivated crime, claiming that it was just “stupidity.” This is justice in Democratic controlled Chicago.

You can see some of his comments below:

This is completely outrageous. They were taunting him because of his skin color and his disability. They wanted the video to go viral. If this situation was reversed, the Obama Justice Department and Poverty Pimp Al Sharpton would be all over this and there would be riots in the streets.

The full video is below. It is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. Do you think this is a hate crime?

Absolutely appalling. I don’t understand how this isn’t a hate crime. This is what life and justice has become under Obama. Just a few more days and then real change is on the way.

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H/T: Fox 32

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