Everyone who loves action films, professional wrestling, or sports knows who Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is. He has been pretty much everywhere the last ten years in blockbuster films, successful TV shows, or claiming his wrestling heritage with the WWE during different main event wrestling stints.

Some might not know this, but he is currently the highest paid actor in Hollywood. But this life is not what he imagined, or shall I say everything isn’t strawberries and creme.

Johnson’s dream was to become a professional football player in the NFL, but that dream was shattered after he didn’t make an NFL squad after playing college football. He then tried out for the Canadian Football League and was cut from the CFL.

In this “Seven Bucks Moment,” Dwayne shares his personal story of hitting *rock* bottom, only having $7 to his name, and how he dusted himself off and achieved a life of success.

This video showed me you have to have the will to keep fighting and stay grounded in your beliefs and faith. Johnson said he hit rock bottom at one time because of circumstances that had him thinking there was no way out. But he turned it around for a great success story.


We go through these things on a regular basis, and most of us have the strength to pop back up and fight back while others need an extra jolt.

Hopefully, this video was your jolt to get back in the game to steal victory from the clutches of agony.

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