Rodney Dangerfield was one of the funniest comedians of all time. His self-deprecating style and refusal to play to societal norms would get him in big trouble with the PC police today.

Known for his time on the screen, Dangerfield was also a pioneering stand-up comedian. He wasn’t afraid to GO THERE and tell jokes that made his audience uncomfortable. He did this in a day when you could go to jail for being “obscene” and racy. He paved the way for every Rated-R comedian you see today!

Dangerfield understood the human psyche better than anyone. He knew what made people (especially women) tick…or ticked off rather. His “dating tips” are funny, irreverent, and would be impossible to repeat today!

Watch this hilarious clip below!

I have RESPECT for Rodney! He was a funny guy! If I wasn’t married, I’d take these tips to heart.


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