Catfish Cooley

The most important lessons can sometimes be taught in a very simple fashion.

In the video below, up and coming comedian¬†Catfish Cooley delivers a powerful message that’s rather profound with the help of just two lighters.

One lighter has been in the house all night while the other was outside. One works while the other one doesn’t, but with just a little help the one that was outside is working just as well as the other one. The same message can be applied to people. We need to help each other!

The video below has gone viral and it’s easy to¬†understand why. Be aware that some of his language is not safe for work or little ears!

Isn’t that the truth? You might be able to buy fancy clothes, but you can’t buy character! This redneck just taught us a powerful message!

Catfish Cooley is a comedian, but he also has some inspirational messages. Using a coloring book, he explains an important life lesson about not giving up.

Catfish explains that things get tough when you’re trying to reach your goals. At first, it’s easy because you encounter one or two problems at a time. He does this by ripping pages from the coloring book. As time progresses and problems pile up, it becomes harder.

This is when people give up and might drown their sorrows in drugs or abuse alcohol. But, if you push through those tough times and remain focused, you can achieve your goal.

Watch him prove this point by using a coloring book in the video below.

That is a message that millennials need to hear! Since he’s using a coloring book, he’s talking their language. Maybe they will listen! Keep pushing through even when things get tough.

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