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President-Elect Donald Trump Has a Message for Everyone in the Southeastern United States

Thank you, Mr. Trump!

Even as Donald Trump is in the middle of his cabinet recruitment and selection process as well as making deals with Carrier to keep American jobs, he is also reaching out to the people of the Southeastern United States.

Donald Trump tweeted:

After wildfires tore through much of Tennessee on Tuesday, the Southeastern United States was hit by deadly thunder storms. There was even a tornado that touched down in Alabama. The EF2 tornado took the lives of three people when it touched down in Rosalie, Alabama.

Watch the deadly tornado touch down:

Two other individuals were killed in Tennessee as deadly storms ripped through the state. Tornadoes were also reported in Mississippi and Lousiana.

The storms wreaked havoc on businesses and homes.

In Rosalie, Alabama up to 20 buildings including a Baptist church and a shopping plaza were destroyed.

The Weather Channel reports that four homes were destroyed in Noxubee County, Mississippi after being hit by a tornado.

We are praying for those affected by these deadly storms.

Share if you are praying for those affected by tornadoes in the South Eastern United States!

H/T: The Weather Channel

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