Robert Van Wisse

The FBI has updated its Ten Most Wanted List to include a Texas man who was charged in the 1983 sexual assault and strangulation death of a young mother.

19 year old Robert Francis Van Wisse was registering for classes at the University of Texas at Austin when the murder occurred. He was the last known person in the campus building with Laurie Stout on the night of her murder.

He was initially ruled out as a suspect because DNA testing was not available at that time. When testing was done ten years later, the evidence pointed directly to Van Wisse. He has been a fugitive ever since.

As the video below details, Van Wisse is bilingual. His family owns multiple properties, including some in Mexico and Guatemala, so its possible he is there.

The FBI believes Van Wisse premeditated the murder of the young mother. They are offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the fugitive’s arrest.

At the FBI announcement in Austin, which you can see in the video below, the Bureau announced they will lodge a targeted social media campaign to help bring Van Wisse to justice. They have identified 30 people with likely connections to the fugitive and will be in contact with each of them.

Laurie Stout’s family deserves justice. Thirty three years is a long time to solve a murder. Let’s hope the FBI gets this man.

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