Neptune's Daughter


Liberals Hate This Classic Christmas Song!

How can you hate this song?

Crazy liberal activists have been going on for years about “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” They claim it promotes sexual harassment and date-rape. What?!?! Well, did you know that “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” was written in 1944? It’s been recorded by duos ranging from Dolly Parton & Rod Stewart to Ray Charles & Betty Carter.

It was written by Frank Loesser and he and his wife, Lynn Garland, sang it together for several years at parties. In 1948, Loesser sold their song to MGM and used in the 1949 hit movie Neptune’s Daughter. In 1949 the song was recorded four times with two of the recordings peaking at number 4 on the Billboard chart. The two most popular were each released in March and hit the best seller list in May and stayed there for 19 weeks.

It’s been recorded numerous times since, including four more times in 2014 alone when today’s popular rendition was recorded by Idina Mendez and Michael BublĂ©. I love this version both for the super cute kids in the video as well as the classy vocal performance.

I just can’t get over the kids in this video. They’re so perfect!

Even the great Dean Martin recorded a version in 1959.

Take a listen:

And not to be outdone by Dino, Johnny Mercer recorded a version with Margaret Whiting.

And here’s the classic clip from the Neptune’s Daughter where, wait for it, Betty Garret seduces Red Skelton!

Liberal activists need to get over themselves. This is a classic Christmas song and whatever kind of crazy interpretation they are getting out of it can stay in their own sick, twisted heads.

What’s your favorite version?

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