Yahoo, a company that was once a tech giant but has now become little more than an email service and conduit for people to play fantasy sports, has announced a massive data breach that has literally affected a billion people.

I am shocked that even 1 billion people had Yahoo accounts, but that just shows you how far the company has fallen. They were once considered a major rival to Google. But recently they were bought by Verizon and will soon become a subsidiary of the telecom company.

More via Wall Street Journal:

Unidentified hackers penetrated Yahoo’s network in August 2013 and stole data including names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth and passwords, the company said. Yahoo said it believes the incident is distinct from the 2014 hack, and that the hackers are no longer in its corporate network.

It could put their sale to Verizon at risk

The new disclosure could jeopardize Verizon’s $4.83 billion acquisition of Yahoo’s core internet business, a deal announced in July and expected to close in early 2017. In October, Verizon signaled it could consider the 2014 breach a material event that could allow it to change the deal terms.

For scale. Here is how big Yahoo’s data breach compares to others.

This is just unacceptable! I am cancelling my Yahoo! account. If any of my data was stolen and used against me, then this will not be the last they heard from me!


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