Christmas tends to bring out the best in people around the world and in this story, a young man wanted to make the homeless feel special. He bought them special gifts, handed it to them, and then videotaped their responses.

Now this could have went sideways many times as you don’t now what you might see on the streets but I can say with admiration, these recipients were pleasantly surprised, especially one man (watch the video below).

From To Save A Life:

The holiday season is upon us! Thanksgiving is just a week away, and in no time, people everywhere will be frantically shopping, decorating the house and playing Christmas music on repeat.

The Christmas season is a popular time to do generous things for those around us. May they be strangers or family members, one of the best ways to spread holiday cheer is by blessing others in unexpected ways.

Naturally, helping those in need is a common way to give back during the holiday season. Last December, one YouTube user and his two friends went homeless for a week. They raised money to help those who actually are homeless, by blessing them with gifts for Christmas.

After buying gifts, the three friends took to the streets and handed out simple necessities to those who need them.

One man is given a jacket. At first he seems taken back by the gesture, and very grateful. His joyful reaction that follows will literally bring you to tears! It truly shows how much the simple gift meant to him.

It’s the most touching and simple reminder that even the smallest act of kindness can radically change someone’s life. So as we approach the holiday season, my prayer is that we wouldn’t get so caught up in our “to-do’s” and shopping lists, but instead, take the time to care for others.

Watch this one man who couldn’t contain himself with his new gift:

This is what feeling good around the holiday season is all about. I smiled from ear to ear when I saw this happen and I’ve got to say I felt like dancing too. It takes a special person to go around making other people happy and vibrant. This young man did it to perfection.

What did you think of the man in the video? Did you smile? Did this act of compassion make you feel good? Share your experience below and let us know what you thought in our comment section.

h/t – To Save A Life

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