When I first saw this video, I had to watch it over and over because I had never seen anything like this, especially on America television. The song was beautiful and the moves were on point.

Canion Shijirbat has an amazing story to tell about his family and why he created this routine using them as motivation and even my lead up to the video will not do it justice.

Shijirbat cloned himself! Ok I couldn’t wait, he cloned himself during the routine and you will at least watch this video two times before sharing it.

From Inspire More:

Part of what makes being alive so great is that our talents can be manipulated and utilized to fit in any and every aspect of our lives. Sometimes those talents can highlight other tasks that we’re accomplishing, while adding a breathtaking pizazz and flare. Whether it’s the harmonizing voices of an a capella or manipulating common household bowls into an incredibly entertaining act, we’ve seen some amazing talents.

Canion Shijirbat is no exception. He made it to the semifinals in Mongolia’s Got Talent and left the judges’ and spectators’ jaws on the floor. While many dancers can create choreography that is hair-raising and stops the audience in their tracks, Shijirbat took it one step further. He personally designed the live animation that accompanied his sick moves, bringing complete magic to the stage. The amount of time it must have taken to prepare doesn’t go unnoticed, even in the mere two minutes that reality is suspended, the laws of physics appears to be conquered, and cloning seems possible.

Canion illuminates the beauty of humanity all while telling a moving story through his own movement and digital animation. Watch out, Harry Potter! This talented gentleman is giving you a run for your money with his own version of wizardry.

Watch the routine here:

I so fell in love with this technology sequence I called my daughter and son down to watch it at separate times and they felt the same way I did. Imagine my joy watching their faces light up when he split into two more dancers.

This was very original and I think he might find a home in Las Vegas if he keeps this up.

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