Every year there is a story about the ACLU and some “offended” person who wants to take away some kind of public Christmas display because it supposedly violates the first amendment. People in Knightstown, Indiana recently had it happen to them and they are fighting back in an AMAZING way.

The town had a cross on top of the town’s Christmas tree so they were SUED by the ACLU to take it down! The first amendment protects against the government ESTABLISHING a state run religion. How STUPID is it to think a cross on top of a tree establishes any kind of state sponsored religion?

Local RTV6 breaks it down:

Town resident Patricia Hutson wasn’t going to stand aside and let the ACLU bully her town. She spoke with WXIN, “I just thought we should rebel some way or let him know how we feel.”

Hutson made over 200 wooden crosses and handed them out!

“I hope they make people realize that we should speak up for what we believe in and stand up for it and not be pushed around.”

Cynthia Sturgill agreed with Hutson and took it one step further, “Just because one person’s offended doesn’t mean they have to take away one particular thing.”

She continued, ““To me it’s not a religious display.” “It’s not all about just Christianity. It’s about memorial, loss of family, loved ones, the veterans. The Jefferson Memorial has tons of crosses, millions of crosses for veterans.”

She concluded, “As long as I’m around and family, friends, town, we’ll fight it every bit of the way.”

They even held a vigil.

Unfortunately, despite their passion the small Indiana town succumbed to the pressure of the ACLU’s lawsuit.

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