Christian church burning

In the midst of racial unrest thanks to Black Lives Matter protests fanned by bankrupt leftist policies from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, black churches are being targeted by vandals and arsonists.

One such church, Hopewell Baptist in Greenville, Mississippi was torched and then had graffiti on the side saying, “Vote Trump.”

Donald Trump supporters have launched a fundraising campaign to help rebuild the vandalized church.

There is also a Go Fund Me Campaign where many other Trump supporters are donating. As of this writing the Go Fund Me has received $49,555 of a $10,000 goal.

This specific attack is still under investigation, but given the revelations in James O’Keefe’s undercover videos it is quite possible this may just be an escalation of the “bird dogging” tactic Scott Foval described to O’Keefe’s journalists.

This could be an elaborate ploy in an attempt to frame Trump supporters in order to incite further violence and negatively effect Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

Here’s the latest:

In fact, in previous arson cases there is a long history of crimes suspected to be racially motivated that turn out to be committed by people of the same race who were supposedly targeted.

The problem is, the media is so ready to believe anything somebody says because controversy boosts ratings.

In two of these cases, David Lopez Jackson, A BLACK MAN, was arrested for setting the fires! He’s a suspect in others!

This is what leftism brings about. There is ALWAYS the assumption that any crime that could be racially motivated, IS racially motivated. How many times has that turned out not to be true? It would be great to see even a modicum of caution with stories like this but that is doubtful.

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