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One of America’s favorite mothers has passed away. Florence Henderson, better known as Carol Brady, died at age 82.

Henderson was best known for her role as the Brady Bunch matriarch tasked with raising her three daughters and her three step sons. The show ran five seasons but it left a lasting impression that is still felt five decades later.

Maureen McCormick and Barry Williams who played Marcia and Greg Brady, tweeted their condolences.

Henderson was the tenth child born to an Indiana farmer. Besides the Brady Bunch, she also made Americans laugh on Naked Gun 33 1/3. In 1962, she debuted her funny side by being the first woman to host The Tonight Show.

This death might seem a bit more personal than other celebrity deaths as so many of us brought Mrs. Brady into our hearts and homes. The video below details more of Henderson’s accomplishments.

One of my favorite Brady Bunch episodes is rather poignant for this time of year. Who could forget Mrs. Brady losing her voice at Christmas. She was going to miss singing at Church, but then some Christmas magic had her waking up on Christmas morning completely healed.

You can hear her sing in the video below.

Hers was a life worth celebrating. As her four children mourn her, many Americans will be doing the same.

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