The clown epidemic has gotten pretty out of hand this year. Sightings have emerged all over the United States, ranging from more timid run ins to threatening, dangerous ones. The craze is even beginning to reach overseas and people are understandably freaked out.

With no end in sight, people are taking precautions. One family in Texas awoke to a disturbing surprise after they discovered their property gate had been opened overnight. When they checked their home surveillance footage, they were horrified to observe an intruder dressed as a clown trying to gain entry into every possible access point around the property. Even more upsetting was the knife he brought in his right hand.

Watch below:

This perp clearly had ill intentions. But some questioned whether the whole thing was staged. One commenter brings up an interesting point:

“That clown seemed pretty familiar with that house, it’s almost as if he lived there and put a clown costume on to make a video.”

Hmm. Interesting point. I’d hope no one would exploit this dangerous craze, especially considering the affect this must have had on their neighbors.

What is your take? Real creep or pre-planned hoax?

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H/T: DailyMail

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