A Great White Shark was feasting on tuna off the coast of California while a diver watched nearby in a protected cage. However, in the shark’s frenzy, he somehow breached the cage.

The shark began churning the water in his struggle within the cage making it impossible to see what was happening.

Luckily, some other divers were quick on their feet and opened the top of the cage.

That’s when the Great White burst forth from the top of the cage. Moments later, the diver miraculously popped his head out and made it to safety.

Watch this life or death experience:

Great White Sharks are no joke. They can grow up to 20 feet long and weigh close to 4,300 lb. They can accelerate to over 35 mph in short bursts. In 2008, a study found that Great Whites could exert a bite force of 18,216 newtons!

This diver is lucky to be alive, especially with a Great White Shark in a feeding frenzy and then lashing out after being trapped in the cage.

The Lord must have been with him!

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