Gentle Giant Left to Fend for Himself on the Streets, Then He Met His Angels!

How do you just dump a dog on the street?

I refuse to understand how someone can just abandon their dog like garbage on the side of the street. That’s what seems to have happened to an innocent pit bull newly renamed ‘Brutus.’

Hope for Paws is a rescue non profit who save the lives of animals, especially dogs, who have been neglected or abused. They heard about Brutus who was fending for himself near an autoshop in LA for God knows how long.

Timid Brutus was able to be coaxed toward his rescuers using some dog treats until they could earn his trust and put a leash around him.

Watch below as Brutus’ demeanor undergoes a complete 180 transformation once he realizes he’s with people who want to take care of him. You can see the relief wash over him, tail wagging, and eyes engaging once more.

I couldn’t help but smile watching him give kisses of thanks. Now all that needs to happen is for him to find a forever home!

Anyone interested in adopting Brutus or one of his new friends can check them out here! and if you’re interested in making a $5 donation to Hope For Paws just visit their website!

Share this happy ending if you believe no animal should be cast aside like Brutus was!

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