Mexican police discovered an enormous 10 foot long bazooka in a panel van in the town of Agua Prieta, Sonora just across the border from Douglas, Arizona. This is the latest tool Mexican drug cartels are using to smuggle in narcotics to the United States.

Drug dealers are always looking for innovative ways to get drugs across the border. Whether it is through motor vehicles, mules, tunnels, or sometimes even drones, the demand is there, so they are going to offer up the supply. And now they are using homemade bazookas!

It’s quite possible the drug dealers are already preparing for the wall we will build once Donald Trump is elected President.

Look at that thing:

According to Fox:

Mexico’s National Security Commission announced over the weekend that federal police officers found a panel van kitted out with an air compressor and a metal tube nearly 10 feet long that they believe was used as a bazooka to blast packets of narcotics across the border into the United States.


What the dealers did was make a big cut in the back of the roof of the van so they lift the tube up in order to get a good enough angle to shoot the drugs from Mexico into the United States!

This highlights what the drug cartels will do to smuggle drugs into the US.

It also shows that we need leaders who are willing to make the tough decisions. Our borders need to be SECURED!

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