Little dog vs 3 lions!
Little dog vs 3 lions!

There are David and Goliath stories, and then there’s this Jack Russell Terrier taking on three lion cubs — who probably outweigh him 5 times over — and WINNING! Little dogs are not to be underestimated and this guy reminds the princes of the Animal Kingdom why.

When there’s food on the line, this little guy fights with all his might! Turn up your sound so you can hear his brave little barks and the disappointed grunts of the lions.

There are all sorts of unexpected animal pairings ranging from gorillas and kittens to dogs and chickens, but this little dog and his buddies… amazing.

Do you have a brave, brave Jack Russell Terrier of your own? Or do you have another courageous little dog? What other shenanigans do your dogs get into? We’d love to know.


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