Dolly Parton’s songs have been covered and reinvented by numerous artists from Reba McEntire to Cyndi Lauper (not to mention Whitney Houston). She is, quite simply, a country legend.

Over the years some of her best work – and my favorite performances – have come in the form a special collaboration with some of the world’s most talented musicians. This particular collaboration with a group of young artists is one that especially stands out.

Pentatonix is an a cappella group from Texas who won the third season of The Sing-Off on NBC in 2011. They’ve teamed up with other musicians before but Dolly Parton brings superstar status with her! Their video was viewed more than 6 million times in just the first 2 days after its release! And it’s no surprise – the level of talent and the end result are both phenomenal.

“Jolene” stands out as one of Dolly’s most memorable pieces whether it’s performed by one voice and guitar or a full band. So many artists have paid homage to Dolly with their soulful renditions over the past 43 years. But you’ve never heard “Jolene” like this before! Combining 6 voices in harmony, a capella, is intense and haunting.

See for yourself!

Ever the humble musician, the country megastar thanked Pentatonix in a tweet announcing the new video:

“Jolene” – A Tribute

Even if you love the new a cappella version, it’s hard to outdo an elegant country performance of this Dolly Parton classic. Alisson Krauss has one of the most haunting voices in country music and so her rendition of “Jolene” is beautifully raw and moving. She honored Dolly with a performance at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2006. You can watch it here.

Both of these renditions are simply beautiful. What did you think of the modern collaboration? Tell us your favorite Dolly Parton song in the comments and give this new spin a share!

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