Drones are a thing. The government just established rules for the use of drones for commercial purposes and they have become quite the hobby for many people in the United States for a variety of reasons. But be careful. If you happen to use one over the property of some people, they may not be happy. In fact, they may shoot that sucker out of the sky.

Jennifer Youngman did just that. 

Youngman has a famous neighbor, actor Robert Duvall. She said people are always driving by to see if they can get a glimpse. So when two people pulled up in a car near her driveway and sent a drone into the air, she assumed they were going to use it to try and get photos of the famous actor.

Big mistake.

Her justification?

“They were trespassing in my airspace. They had harassed the cattle. Mr. Duvall had been harassed,” she says. “That was more ammunition than I needed.”

When the drone got close enough, she fired her shotgun and blew the drone to bits. The two men in the car got out and began to approach her. But seeing her there with her shotgun in hand, they thought better of it and decided to leave instead.

Youngman means business. Here is some advice she has decided to impart to would be trespassers:

“I like to shoot, and I like to kill, so when you cross the line please stand still.”

Better not get on her bad side!

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