Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He doesn’t shy away from the Bible, but rather he promotes it. He’s not afraid to speak out when something is wrong. And he had some strong words to say about the government.

Speaking at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, the Duck Dynasty patriarch said there is a clear distinction between government and God.

“God’s not like our government – can’t pay him off. Can’t rope-a-dope him – get around him,” Robertson said.

“You say, ‘God is just.’ So for the saved here, I’m like, be thankful and you are blessed because your sins have been forgiven, your sins are covered. No sin will never ever be counted against you. It’ll give you piece of mind, knowing on top of that you can be raised from the dead.”

I think you will like the video below of Phil preaching the truth about why the government is no substitution for God.

“I can tell you this Texas – fame, I have it. It can’t remove my sin, Texas. Fame can’t do it.”

“All the money the money that I’d ever earn, it can’t raise me from the dead, right?” Phil preached to these believers.

He’s completely right. You can’t expect to live a wicked life without potential consequences in the afterlife. Fame and money can’t remove sin.

There is no way of getting around the truth with God, but the government doesn’t seem concerned with the truth. If it did, Hillary would be in jail.

Phil doesn’t believe Republicans get a pass. They don’t have any moral high ground if they ever remove God from the party platform. He said, “If they get ready to ‘boo’ God out of the Republican party, I’m leaving with Him.” Click here to learn about that!

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