Jonathan Winters

It’s almost as if the throwback era to comedy in the 70’s is something people should be forced to watch. At a time when there was no such term as “politically correct” people could sit back and laugh at people being funny without the worry of attracting ire from people who are always looking to be “insulted.”

Jonathan Winters made many appearances over the years on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He had a way of making simple stories into hilarious comedy bits.

Watch this clip and you’ll see Winters making Carson crack up talking about….chickens:

That’s nearly 8 minutes of laughter there. I don’t know how Johnny Carson ever kept a straight face at times.

Winters was an icon in the business. He never let show business get to him. He was married to his wife Eileen for 61 years until she passed away in 2009. Winters passed away in 2013. Thankfully. YouTube allows these memories to live on.

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