Ryan Lochte

The corrupt Brazilian police empowered by the spineless, do-nothing American mainstream media has doubled down in their campaign to destroy AMERICAN swimmer Ryan Lochte. They have charged him with falsely reporting a crime.

The Brazilian department chief says he has requested a letter be sent to Lochte informing him of the legal process. However, Lochte’s lawyer Jeffrey Ostrow says he hasn’t even heard from Brazilian authorities!

The letter will summon Lochte to Brazil where he could face between one to six months in jail or a fine. However, Lochte can send his lawyer instead.

It looks like the corrupt Brazilian police are back to their old tricks. They figured they were able to sucker fellow AMERICAN swimmer Jimmy Feigen for $10,800, they might as well go after the bigger target in Lochte.

Oh! Did we mention they tried to get $31,250 as well as 15 days community service from Feigen and when he refused, they tried to up the ransom to $46,875?

How has all of this been possible? Our media has run a narrative completely disparaging our Olympic athletes and utterly throwing them under the bus. Don’t believe me? Watch Al Roker go completely ballistic spreading his terrible narrative:

It’s absolutely disgusting what our MEDIA has allowed the corrupt third world Brazilian police get away with. They have empowered these thugs and criminals to extort our Olympic athletes! This is absolutely unacceptable.

Lochte needs to stand up and come out hard and strong against this disgusting behavior. Screw Brazil. Screw their attempts at extortion.

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