Global warming alarmists and fanatics are those people you know who feel strongly about something and no matter what you tell them it doesn’t resonate. When their arguments fail or they have been found cooking the books so to speak on the data, they change gears. They no longer use the term “global warming.” They begin using words like “climate change.”

They had to do this because the Earth stopped “warming.” It wasn’t warming any more or less than it has in history. The earth goes through changes. It is possible the earth’s temperature over time is slowly warming but won’t have any consequences that any of us or our great great great great great great great great to the 100th power grandkids will ever see.

Every once in awhile, a story surfaces that is just too funny and exposes these charlatans and their garbage ideas:

An expedition to the North Pole intended to measure the effects of global warming ground to a halt this month when the scientist’s ship got blocked…

Why did it get blocked?

…by the ice packs near Murmansk, Russia, reports reveal.

This expedition was planned with the specific purpose of showing how bad “climate change” has become. They had planned routes around the Arctic Ocean through the Northeast and Northwest Passages thinking the ice would be melted but are finding taking those routes won’t work because there is TOO MUCH ICE. 

The best part is, the alarmists will blame the fact there is too much ice on what? You guessed it. Climate change. That is what they do.

In 2004, Florida was hit with 5-6 different hurricanes. The alarmists said it was due to climate change. Ten years later when there were no hurricanes in Florida, they said it was due to climate change. This is why nobody believes them.

There is nothing wrong with being cautious about what we do with respect to the planet. But alarmism based on fake science is not what’s needed.

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h/t Breitbart

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