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Black Lives Matter has claimed another victim. On Sunday, protestors blocked off a bridge in Memphis. There was baby on the way to the hospital on that bridge.

The child was prevented from getting to the hospital for urgent medical care because the protestors felt it was their “right” to block traffic. A rescue mission had to be organized to get the baby out of the way of the protest.

These protestors have gone way too far. They seem to have no regard for the lives of others. The First Amendment doesn’t mean you can cause harm to others. I do not know how the news reporter in the video below contained her professionalism during the report. They even show a photo of the parents handing the baby off to paramedics on the other side of the bridge!

This is completely appalling. How would Obama have felt if that was his baby being blocked by Black Lives Matter? Thank God the baby got to the hospital in time, but this is unacceptable.

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H/T: Hot Air

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