Every day we’re told by the powers that be, the Black Lives Matter movement is one of “peace” and “justice”. But almost every time you turn around, they’re doing something that has nothing to do with peace and justice and people are left wondering, “What is going on?”

It’s so bad that police are prevented from doing their jobs. The political correct intelligentsia wants us to believe Black Lives Matter is akin to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s.

Watch this video. A man simply wants to cross the street and some Black Lives Matters protesters won’t allow him to do it:

Notice how he calls the cop over for help and help does not come? What the protesters are doing there is not an example of “free assembly.” They are engaging in a crime, regardless of how small it is and it should have been stopped.

Think about it for a moment. If the man they were not letting cross was a young guy who attempted to barrel his way through, people could have gotten hurt. But the cop was likely told by superiors to let the BLM protesters do their thing without repercussions.

Share this with others. Let them know again, the Black Lives Matter movement is largely about causing trouble and not about “peace.”

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