Mark Ruffalo might play the Incredible Hulk on the Big Screen, but he is showcasing that he is far from an Avenger in real life. Ruffalo tweeted out a petition demanding President Obama defund our police forces.

I’ve got news for actor Mark Ruffalo: The Avengers are not real and neither is the Hulk. In order to prevent our country from slipping into anarchy, the country has laws. The police are there to enforce the laws. Yes, there are going to be bad apples. Any time somebody is given authority, there will be those who abuse that authority. Those people should be punished accordingly.

But Ruffalo seems to think stripping the police of funds is the best way to go.

Here is what some of the petition says:

“Congress and the Obama administration are spending millions of dollars every year giving grants to the same police departments that are killing and over-incarcerating Black people — and it has to stop,” the petition reads.

“Our criminal justice system is not properly holding police accountable,” it continues. “We must defund police departments that employee [sic] officers who are quick to kill and condone practices that do not value Black life. Our nation, politicians and many police are in agreement that police departments need reform, however, no one is ensuring this reform happens – and more and more Black people are getting killed because of it.”

Their “statistics” if that is what you want to call them, are not true. Overall crime is down and as a result interactions with police are down and therefore less black people are getting killed. The irony is, people like Ruffalo cannot even fathom that more black people are alive than dead because of cops, not in spite of them.

Share this with others. Let them witness the stupidity of Hollywood elitists.

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