Mike Hagan

Liberals are up in arms over a promotion at a car dealership in New Hampshire.

Army veteran Mike Hagan owns Hagan’s Motor Pool Auto Repair and Sales and he is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. Hagan is running a promotion now called, “Buy A Car, Get An AR.” If you buy a car from him, he will buy you an AR-15.

Of course this has put a target on his back from the gun control nuts, even though if you don’t want an AR-15, you can opt for either a 9 mm pistol or a discount on the car. Not only that, the buyers have to go through a background check. If they don’t pass a background check, they don’t get the weapon.

In the video below, Mike explains how the promotion works:

I’d be more likely to buy a car from this man because he is not afraid to stand up to the gun control crowd. He’s putting his business on the line to support the Second Amendment. And those are the types of businesses I like to support!

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H/T: Allen West

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