Taylor Tom Hansen

Taylor has done a lot for our country. As a service dog, she showed extreme loyalty and bravery in her two tours of Afghanistan. Since she was effective at finding bombs and saving soldier’s lives, the Taliban put a bounty on this yellow lab’s head.

But because of red tape and costs, she was stuck in a military kennel for 2 years even though her handler Tom Hansen wanted to adopt her. But, a flight attendant brought them back together when she took Taylor across the country to go live with Hansen.

This well-loved dog is now right where she belongs! Check out the video of the emotional reunion below:

It shouldn’t take this long for these dogs to be reunited with the service members who miss them so much. There isn’t a logical reason for it. Bureaucratic red tape isn’t an excuse. These dogs served their country well and they should be able to live out their remaining years with those who love them.

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