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There is nothing better than the smell of steak on the grill. It can lift the spirits of everyone in your neighborhood – just make sure they don’t come begging!

Shopping, preparing and grilling your steak is all an art form. First you have to decide what type of meat you want and what grade. Prime is the best, but it means less meat for your budget

Serious Seats has a long, but terrific guide for grilling steak. Here is a synopsis:

Start with the right cut (I prefer ribeye).
Check for marbling (you want plenty of intramuscular fat).
Buy a thick steak (at least 1 1/2 to 2 inches).
Bone in or boneless, it doesn’t make a difference—this is totally a matter of personal choice (I prefer bone-in).
Get dry aged beef (unless you don’t enjoy the extra tenderness or slightly funky flavor of dry-aged meat).
Salt in advance and salt well (I season mine four days in advance, but you want to go at a minimum of 40 minutes).
For better searing, rest your steak uncovered on a rack in the fridge at least overnight and up to 4 days.
Use hardwood coal if you’ve got it (but briquettes will work just fine) and arrange the coals in a two-zone pattern with all the heat under one half of the grill.
Cook your meat gently, then sear at the end (this’ll give you more evenly cooked meat and a better crust).
Flip your meat as often as you like (the whole thing about only flipping once is utter nonsense, and we can prove it).
Use a thermometer! If you don’t have one, go ahead and poke or cut-and-peek (it won’t harm the steak).
Let your meat rest (your meat should rest for about 1/3 of the time it took to cook in order to prevent excess moisture loss).

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