One of the worst places to get an objective look at firearms and how they operate and what they do is the mainstream media. Since most journalists are liberal Democrats, they cannot help but be biased in their reporting when it comes to guns.

The New York Daily News is no different. Gersh Kuntzman’s report of him using an AR-15 at a local gun range is so awful and so pathetic it deserves to be made fun of, and somebody did.

Kuntzman claims he suffered from a “temporary form of PTSD” because firing an AR-15 is “horrifying, dangerous and very very loud.” He also said it “feels like a bazooka – and sounds like a cannon.” He also said he got a boo-boo from the recoil.

Most people who have ever fired an AR-15 will tell you it is relatively easy to fire because it is the exact opposite of what Kuntzman claims. There is hardly any recoil, it is not very loud, and it is lightweight and easy to use.

Kuntzman is a complete hack job journalist and this video was made so we can endlessly make fun of his sissy claims. It is hilarious:

Haha! Isn’t that great? As funny as it is, it is still relatively serious. “Journalists” like┬áKuntzman have influence and their garbage winds up becoming narrative unless there is hard push back – even if it means engaging in mockery.

Share with others so they can have a laugh but also use it to push back on the media who are happy to distort the reality about firearms.

h/t Task and Purpose

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