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Liberals in a Michigan township look to tear apart a man and his beloved and loving dog.

Dan Tillery adopted Diggy from Detroit Dog Rescue. Diggy is an American Bulldog and the rescue group contacted Waterford officials to ensure that Diggy was permitted to live there. After getting the thumbs up, Diggy officially became a part of Tillery’s family.

The pair bonded immediately. They were so happy to be together and it showed. A picture of the two went viral, but that happy picture that just shows so much love is what caused the regulation loving liberals to spring into action.

Tillery was told Diggy wasn’t welcome in Waterford. They claimed the dog is a pit bull and he needed to go or faced being put down by the city. The same city that days earlier that gave a green light to this adoption wanted to confiscate the dog who hadn’t done anything but love his new owner.

Waterford officials didn’t even care that there were papers from a vet saying that Diggy is a bulldog mix and not a pit bull. The law is so poorly written that facts don’t need to apply. Watch the video below for more information, but it will infuriate you.

This is what happens when government tries to protect us from ourselves. Maybe we should stop passing laws just to pass laws. Too many laws infringe upon our rights. And they can have devastating consequences. And this one may end up costing this sweet and happy dog his home or his life.

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H/T: Washington Post

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