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Dean Martin’s roasts were such a fun part of television. They weren’t afraid of offending anyone back then. Political correctness hadn’t been invented! They just wanted to laugh and everyone was fair game in this type of humor. Comic great Jonathan Winters’ roast of last night host Johnny Carson will forever live in television infamy!

Jonathan Winters Roasts Johnny Carson

While Martin’s roasts were always entertaining, it just doesn’t get any better than the roast of Johnny Carson by indelible funny guy Jonathan Winters.

The comedic icon was a master of improvisation and so no one knew what would happen when Winters took the podium.

Of course, Winters did not disappoint. First the comedian kicks things off by taking on the role of someone from Johnny’s hometown in Nebraska. Winters’ lovable  drawl is comedy gold.

And nothing is off the table with Jonathan’s jokes – including Johnny Carson’s multiple marriages. Uh oh.

While it may not be Carson’s favorite subject, it is the perfect fodder for some very un-PC jokes.

Watch Jonathan Winters in rare form during this roast. This one will really make you laugh!

Don Rickles Roasts Dean Martin

Don Rickles was a regular on Dean Martin’s roasts. One particularly memorable episode came when Martin himself was the man of the hour.

Rickles starts out with a few quips about his wife. If I had to guess, I’d say his wife did not find his imitation of her as funny as the comedian himself.

At the center of my favorite joke from Rickles is the Osmonds. The funny man, when perusing the dais, remarks he hasn’t seen this many tuxedos since the Osmond brothers’ prom. Touche’!

The best part, as always, is watching these classic celebrities who we miss joke and laugh. Of course, this was back when people could take a joke. 

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Dean Martin’s roasts featured some of the funniest comedians in history. I’m partial to the roast of Johnny Carson but it’s impossible to choose a favorite.

It’s certainly great to see people able to laugh at themselves. Oh the good ol’ days!

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