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No one can escape the effects of time on our bodies. It doesn’t matter how much money you earn or how successful you are, we can’t live forever. Father Time catches up with us all at some point.

And it appears Father Time has caught up with rock legend Eric Clapton. Clapton reports that damage to his nervous system has left him struggling to play his guitar. The 71 year old musician told Class Rock magazine about his health.

“I’ve had quite a lot of pain over the last year. It started with lower back pain, and turned into what they call peripheral neuropathy – which is where you feel like you have electric shocks going down your leg.”

While this is bad news for his fans, Clapton is not wallowing in self pity. Instead, he is grateful to even be alive.

“Because I’m in recovery from alcoholism and addiction to substances, I consider it a great thing to be alive at all. By rights I should have kicked the bucket a long time ago.

For some reason I was plucked from the jaws of hell and given another chance,” Clapton said.

Clapton has had his share of tragedy, but he continues to persevere and be thankful for what he has. Twenty five years ago, his son Conor fell out of a window in a NYC high rise. A grieving Clapton responding by recording “Tears In Heaven,” which you can see below. It’s a song that showcased the pain he felt at the tragic loss of his young son.

Although Clapton is having issues with playing the guitar, he has managed to record another album, “I Still Do.”

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